Welcome to the Anglo Far East Bullion asset recovery site

Dear client of Anglo Far East Bullion Company,


As you may now know, in a letter dated 14th September 2022, Philip Judge, the Managing Director of the Anglo Far East Bullion Company (AFE), announced that as a result of malfeasance at the company, there is now no gold and silver held in storage for clients, which means the complete loss of all existing clients' assets. You can read Mr. Judge's letter here.


We are a group of AFE clients who have all suffered financial loss as a result of the fraud at the company. It is our intention to pursue all possible avenues to obtain legal redress and recover as large an amount of the lost assets or equivalent value as possible from the perpetrators.


In order to do this, we need as many clients of AFE as are willing to participate in joint legal action in order to share the costs involved which will include legal and investigatory fees.


Therefore, we have created this site as one of the means to publicise the fraud at AFE so that the company's clients who have suffered losses are made aware of what has transpired and can join the legal process. If you are one of those clients and you are willing to participate, we invite you to contact us through this site. Just click on the Contact Us button below to get in touch with us by email.


We will update the site with developments and updates in the News section.